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Based on the current design of courses, there are twelve full-time teachers in GEC.
Among them, two are professors,six are associate professors, four are assistant professors.




Chia-Hua Chou


Room 407,General Studies Building  ext. 3047

Office HoursTue Periods 3,4  Wed Periods 7,8



Shun-Tang Wu  Director of GEC

Education :Ph.D. in Department of Mathematical Sciences, National

Chengchi University

Research InterestsDifferential Equations


Room 608,General Studies Building  ext. 3001/3068

Office HoursWed Periods 3,4,5,6  Thu Periods 5,6


Associate Professor


Hui-Jen CHEN  

Education :

Research Interests


Room 504,General Studies Building  ext. 3054

Office HoursTue Periods 3,4 Thu Periods 1,2



Ching-Yen LIN  

Education :Ph.D. in Department of Mathematics, National Taiwan Normal


Research InterestsConvex AnalysisOptimization Variant Problems

On Variational Inequalities


Room 611,General Studies Building  ext. 3011

Office HoursTue Periods 3,4, Wed Periods 3,4



Chen-Huang HUNG  

Education : Ph.D. in Mathematics, National Central University

Research InterestsDifferential Equations, Mathematics of Fuzzy,

Inequatities and Analysis.


Room 603,General Studies Building  ext. 3063

Office Hours Tue Periods 7,8  Wed Periods 1,2,7,8



Huei-Lin HUNG

Education :Ph.D. in Mathematics, National Central University

Research InterestsDifferential Equations, Boundary Value Problems,



Room 602,General Studies Building  ext. 3062

Office HoursMon Periods 2,4,5,6   Wed Periods 2,5



Chien-Wen CHEN  

Education :Doctor of Law, Chengchi University, Department of Law

Research InterestsLabor Law, Administrative Law, Intellectual Property

Rights Law, Copyright Law, and Innovative Thinking


Room 506,General Studies Building  ext. 3026

Office HoursMon Periods 3,4,5,6,7,8



Chien-Chou LIN

Education :Ph.D. in Mathematics, National Changhua University of


Research InterestsDynamical Systems, Optimization Theory, Matrix

Operations, Smart Antenna for direction of arrival estimation.


Room 612,General Studies Building  ext. 3067

Office HoursTue Periods 5,6 Wed Periods 5,6


Assistant Professor


Jian-Jhong Lin  

Education :Ph.D. in Mathematics National Tsing Hua University

Research Interestsdifferential equationsdifference equations

dynamical systemsmathematical biology


Room 609,General Studies Building  ext. 3069

Office HoursTue Periods 7,8 Wed Periods 5,6 Thu Periods 3,4



Yi-Wen Cheng

Education :Ph.D. (LIAS-State&Society),  Leiden University, the Netherlands

Research InterestsVisual Sociology, Labor Sociology, Contemporary

Chinese  Society


Room 613,General Studies Building  ext. 3048

Office HoursMon Periods 5,6,7,8 Tue Periods 5,6



Ming-Cheng Tsai  

Education : Ph.D. in  Department of Applied Mathematics National

ChiaoTung University

Research InterestsNumerical range, matrix analysis, functional analysis,

operator theory


Room 610,General Studies Building  ext. 3060

Office Hours Wed Periods 1,2,3,4 Thu Periods 3,4



Jie-Sheng Jan

Education :Ph.D., Sociology, Texas A&M University

Research InterestsInternational Migration and Ethnic Relations

Intermarriage and AssimilationEducation and Social StratificationSocial

Status and Mental HealthFertility and Family.


Room 501-4,General Studies Building  ext. 3051

Office HoursTue Periods 3,4,7,8 Thu Periods 7,8