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About Us

•In 1994 the school upgraded to be National Taipei Institute of Technology. Seven teaching
  units (Chinese literature & culture, English, History, Dr.Sun Yat-Sen's thoughts,
  Mathematics, Physics, General subjects) were combined into "the Department of Common."

•In 1997 the school was renamed National Taipei University of Technology.

•In 1999 the college of Humanities and Sciences was estiblished, and the English Teaching
  Unit upgraded to be Department of Applied Englich.

•In 2001 the Physics Teaching Unit upgraded to be Department Electro-Optical Engineering.

•In 2001 the Department of Common reorganized its structure and changed its title as the
  General Education Center (GEC), which comprises three divisions: Humanities, Social
  Sciences, and Natural Sciences. These three divisions are responsible for the teaching
  duties of "Required common courses" and "General Education Courses."