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History and civilization


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The History of    Taiwan         

The history of Taiwan originated from the aboriginal culture in

which no written languages were included. In the 17th century when

the Spanish and the Netherlands were competing for the maritime

power, the Hans immigrated into the island and became the main

resident. The course will be taught in the temporal order: colonial

periods under the Spanish and the Netherlands, Zheng's Kingdom,

Taiwan under the Qing Dynasty, Taiwan under the Japanese

Domination and Taiwan under the Nationalist Government. All the

significant events and important figures will be discussed in class--

on politics, religion, culture, economy and social development.


The History of    China 


Methodologically, the course is performed in two ways at the same

time: interpretation of historical trends as well as the study and

analysis of specific topics. The course will cover: comparison of

historical concepts and the historical development of a long term of

Chinese history in the fields of politics, economics, society and

culture so that the students who take this course will sure understand

better the trends and significance as the historical time spans go by.

Class activities are made up of: lectures, student discussion and

paper presentation. The students who take this course will have a

brief but clear understanding of the Chinese history in a short time

-thus embedding themselves with a deeper sense of history.


Culture of the World

Multi-culture is emerging as the mainstream field of humanities,

involving not only a representation of universalism but also an

interwoven tapestry of cross-cultural communication, which forms

the fundamental structure of a global village. This course is to inspire

students to search for the meaning of distinct cultures as well as the

essence of cultural.