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Democracy and Rule of Law


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Rule of Law





Introduction to Law

Introduction of Law is to introduce the theory of law and to

promote students' interest to study law. Since the field of law is

very broad but the time is limited, this course can briefly

explain common principles of law, complex phenomena of law,

etc. The main purpose of this course is to let students catch the

concept of common principles of "lex scripta." Also, this course

aims to promote students' knowledge about law, thus cultivating

their spirit of abiding by law. This course will introduce the

basic concept and theory of law first. Then students will be

given logical training through discussion. Besides, the general

cases and problems of law will be covered as well. Through

this course,students can not only get correct concepts of law,

but learn to protect their/others' right.



Intellectual Property

The difference between New-economy and Old-economy is not

caused by having "e" or not having "e", but caused by owining

"i" or not owning "i". where "I" means "Innovation:. Intellectual

Property is not only the most importance business rule of the :

Brain economy era:, but also one of the most important

agreements among WTO members. This course includes the

basic three subjects of Intellectual Property:Patent, Trademark,

and Copyright. In order to accommodate the learning

background for most of NTUT students,the contents of this

course will focus more on the practical practice of the Patennt.

In addition,it also includes the subject of "how to activate your

creativeness:so as to make students can use what they learn,

"Intellectual Property:, to protect their intellectual work.



Constitution and Human Rights

This course focuses the discussions on the Constitution of the

Republic of China,constitutional mechanism, the rights and

obligations for the people and legitimate operations of the

society.It is our hope that the students may have a better

understanding on how the democracy is performed in our

country as well as on how to preserve social security and basic

human rights of the individuals-with the realization of human

dignity as our extremegoal.